MK500 application development

I am looking to write a program for the MK500 for a Time and Attendance application in C# and VS2008.


Can someone supply a sample program I can review for controlling the built-in scanner?  I have downloaded and installed the EMDK version 2.9.  If there are sample programs provided with it I can't find them.


I have also downloaded and attempted to use a program uploaded by a Motorola support person (I can't relocate the link) but it fails when run.


Even the demo app installed on the unit fails.  When I run the demo app (ScanSamp2 Example is what appears in the title bar) I get a:


Failure during read attempt  A0000023


If I reply 'Yes' to the prompt to retry the scan the message repeats.



The unit I have is a MK590-A0D30DB9GWTWR.