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    MK500 application development

    Larry Nissen

      I am looking to write a program for the MK500 for a Time and Attendance application in C# and VS2008.


      Can someone supply a sample program I can review for controlling the built-in scanner?  I have downloaded and installed the EMDK version 2.9.  If there are sample programs provided with it I can't find them.


      I have also downloaded and attempted to use a program uploaded by a Motorola support person (I can't relocate the link) but it fails when run.


      Even the demo app installed on the unit fails.  When I run the demo app (ScanSamp2 Example is what appears in the title bar) I get a:


      Failure during read attempt  A0000023


      If I reply 'Yes' to the prompt to retry the scan the message repeats.



      The unit I have is a MK590-A0D30DB9GWTWR.



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          Daniel Silva

          Scanner problems usually occur because there are 2 apps trying to use the scanner at once.  Do you have scanwedge or datawedge running on this device?  If so, they will usually need to be stopped or disabled before another app can open the scanner.


          There are sample apps that come with the EMDK.  They get installed under \Users\public.  There's a link installed on your PC, but I think it's hard to find on Win8+



          The demo apps are typically written for a device with a trigger, so you will need to do a soft trigger in your app to get it started (lit up) and you will want to set it for presentation mode.

          this.barcode21.Config.ReaderParameters.ReaderSpecific.ImagerSpecific.AimType = Symbol.Barcode2.Design.AIM_TYPE.AIM_TYPE_PRESENTATION;


          Another possibility.  Is the device you have a prototype device/engineering sample? (it would have a sticker saying that).  The early prototypes of these devices had differences relating to the scanners.  If this is a prototype device, that may be your problem.  You will want to be working with a production version of this device.