TC 55 screen keeps blinking


I have written an app for Android using XamarinStudio. This app is using the Bluetooth (connection to a printer and sending data via Bluetooth to printer), it uses the SD-Card to read/write in a database. And a datawedge profile set on broadcasting, that in my app is listened to via a broadcastreceiver. Also wifi is used when they are back at the office to synchronize data


During main testing. I had no real issues except for the occasional crash because I didn’t check my parameters properly. This app is now running about 6 months with the client, and today he sent me this recording of what was happening with the scanner (the one attached to this mail). My mind is baffled about this, I never encountered anything like this nor can I reproduce it here. Do you guys have heard about an issue like this before?


The solution off the user that day was restarting the device.

I have also sent this exact text to the Helpdesk, since i rly dont know if its a hardware or software issue.

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