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    TC 55 screen keeps blinking

    Maarten Van Reeth


      I have written an app for Android using XamarinStudio. This app is using the Bluetooth (connection to a printer and sending data via Bluetooth to printer), it uses the SD-Card to read/write in a database. And a datawedge profile set on broadcasting, that in my app is listened to via a broadcastreceiver. Also wifi is used when they are back at the office to synchronize data


      During main testing. I had no real issues except for the occasional crash because I didn’t check my parameters properly. This app is now running about 6 months with the client, and today he sent me this recording of what was happening with the scanner (the one attached to this mail). My mind is baffled about this, I never encountered anything like this nor can I reproduce it here. Do you guys have heard about an issue like this before?


      The solution off the user that day was restarting the device.

      I have also sent this exact text to the Helpdesk, since i rly dont know if its a hardware or software issue.

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          I would bet on an HW issue, maybe something linked to the proximity sensor?


          But if this is only happening on a single device after 6 months of usage, or you're piling up a lot of cruft or I don't see what can generate this behaviour.


          Can you collect some logs in the field to understand what is going on?

          RxLogger is already installed on the device and should be easy to enable it. then you just need to have the customer send you the logs to see if there's something strange.



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              Maarten Van Reeth



              I'll try to get the user to get the RXlogger working on monday. About the RXLogger: so basicly press play, work with my app and at the end of the day get all the txt files?

              It happened with his collegue as well that same day they told me, so on 2 devices. So i am not saying it isnt my program causing this problems, but i never had a reaction like that :-)

              thx in advance