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    Signature Capture Default Path.

    Haytham Kaoukji

      I'm Using the Following code for signature :

           def new

               imgFormat = System::get_property('platform') == 'WINDOWS' ?  "bmp" : "jpg"

               Rho::Signature.takeFullScreen({ :imageFormat => imgFormat, :penColor => 0x0066FF, :penWidth=>5, :border => true, :bgColor => '#ffffff' }, url_for(:action => :signature_callback))

               render :action => :show_signature



      It's seems that the Default Path of Signature image has been changed from Rho4.0 to Rho4.1.

      Now the Path in 4.1 is:


      in 4.0 it was :



      the Image saved to that path but I'm not able to display it. I tried to Copy the image file as in this solution that i Found on stakeOverflow but i got an error saying that file is not found.


      Any help ?