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    Rho 5.x Licensing Confusion

    Val Palhories

      I was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on licensing for Rho 5.x.


      To being, we are still using version 2.x. With that version, we were free to develop and run applications without a license unless we used API-specific features (e.g. gps, barcode, etc.). Those required licensing and you got a Nag message every time you started your app if you used those API's and didn't have an appropriate license.


      We are wanting (and needing) to move to the latest and greatest (5.x) and really don’t know how the new licensing model applies. To begin we have no need, nor do we use RhoConnect, Push, App Management or Cloud build. Everything that we do is local (and will keep being local, have zero interest in moving to the web). 


      Given that, can I install RMS 5.0.2 and still develop and run applications on devices without a license if I don’t use API-Specific features like the gps or the barcode API’s? If I have 2 casual developers and 1 developer responsible for publishing "production code" can I use the free version for the 2 casual developers and the Silver or Gold for the 1 production developer? I'm having trouble justifying the cost $900/month for 3 developers when 1 really is responsible to publish code to production and the other 2 are just "playing" for lack of better words.


      Thanks in advance for the response.


      --- Val