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    Partial Device Registration

    Mike Bennett

      We host a copy of RhoConnect for our clients.  (https://rhoconnect.ourdomain.com and https://rhopush.ourdomain.com which are decrypted to http and forwarded to the correct ports on the RhoConnect server)


      All works well in most instances, but we have one client who connects his devices via the corporate WiFi whose devices fail to fully register.  When I look at the device in RhoConnect only the fields









      This does not stop the device from synchronising manually, but does prevent us from sending push notifications to the device.


      If the user connects the device to their public WiFi then the device registers correctly.


      This suggests to me that something about the network is causing this.  Are there any guidelines about connecting to RhoConnect from behind a firewall?


      Using RhoConnect v4.1.0 and Android devices.