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    Native extensions: import additional packages in android?

    Ruben Ruben



      I'm trying to build a native extension that makes use of several external java packages. However, when I try to load them, the import always fails. I'm not very sure where to place the .java files for the packages; i've tried several locations without luck:


      in my extension implementation, I try:


      import com.abc.defgh.Test;



      Then, I try to place Test.java in:

      - extensions\myext\copilot\ext\platform\android\src\com\abc\defgh\Test.java

      - extensions\myext\copilot\ext\platform\android\generated\src\com\abc\defgh\Test.java


      It fails always with: error: package com.abc.defgh does not exist


      Using the CLASSPATH env. variable doesn't work either.


      I haven't done anything with Java in a while; sorry if this is a silly question, but i'm not sure if this something specific to Rhomobile or not.