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    SB1 Set Time Zone

    Nicolas Etienne



      There is an folder in the toolkit which contains files to update the Time Zone...


      I've done this:


      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Time Zones]

          @="Central Europe Standard Time"


      I've copied the file in my userDrive (root folder when SB1 connected with the USB plug - I'm using the SB1 Audio).


      Power off the device.

      Put in the cradle

      Let is start


      ==> Nothing happened and the time zone has not changed.


      Where did I get wrong ?




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          Siegmund Leducq



          Same problem here!

          Did you also copy the other 3 files to your root as prescribed?

          I did and it still didn't work but it might for you?

          Keep me updated if you find a solution?




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              Nicolas Etienne

              I copied the three files as described...


              But I ain't working for me...


              I hope someone at Zebra will provide an answer... (seems like it's not gonna happen soon sadly)

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                  Siegmund Leducq

                  Indeed, I was afraid you had tried that as well... Didn't work for me either.


                  Regarding a Motorola reaction, I don't think I ever had one of those through this forum.

                  If you're patient, however, sometimes after a long silence (sometimes even rather quick and unexpected) another user contacts you to try and help you.

                  I've had 2 such kind people so far, so keep trying (and hoping)!


                  I have compiled a small list of issues for myself in the meantime and am contemplating to try the official support channels instead of this forum.

                  Have you ever tried that?

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                      Nicolas Etienne

                      nope, didn't try...


                      I few times I asked Ben Kennedy (from Motorola) I saw during the Novembre Forum at Brussels...


                      But, he provided me twice answers but seems to not answer anymore when I email him questions...


                      And it seems also that few people can provide answers here on the SB1... which is really a pity because Zebra / Motorola wants to promote the SB1 but if there is so few help when it comes to questions other than about HTML, it's not gonna make us improve the knowledge of this machine... nor the fact to push it for our customer

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                          Khai-Van Phu

                          Hello Nicolas,


                          Did you copy file SetTimeZoneById.EXE to \Application\Startup\ folder as stated in \Software Development Toolkit v2.4\Utilities\SetTimeZone-Setup\Me - SetTimeZone-Setup.txt of DTK v2.4?


                          Khai-Van PHU

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                              Nicolas Etienne

                              I put the files at what seems to be the root of folders I can reach with the usb kit.


                              The folder is the root (where I can see folders like apps, fusionlog, etc...


                              The reg file I'm using is attached...


                              1 - copy the 3 files (SetDefaultTZ.reg, SetTimeZoneById.cpy, settimezonebyid.exe and even the settimezonebyid shortcut)


                              Power off the machine...


                              put the device in the cradle, nothing...


                              I've also tried the reset (pressing home + scan button till beep happens...)


                              ==> Same result : No time zone is changed...it's always GMT-8


                              The hour is good because I set the TimeSVC_SNTP_Sample.reg do a correct one..


                              but no time zone at all :-(

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                                  Khai-Van Phu

                                  Hi Nicolas,


                                  I think that you put files in the root of \UserDrive folder and not in \.

                                  Can you see folders \Windows, \Program Files, or \Applications when SB1 is connected to your laptop through USB? If you don't it means you have only access to \UserDrive folder.


                                  Feel free to call me if this is not clear.


                                  Khai-Van PHU

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                                      Nicolas Etienne

                                      Well, I can't see folders Windows, Program files..


                                      So, how to be able to see these folders by using the USB connection kit ?

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                                          Khai-Van Phu

                                          Hi Nicolas,


                                          First, some explanations.


                                          Taken "Out The Box", SB1 behaves as a mass storage when connected to a usb port of a computer running Windows OS.


                                          The root of this mass storage is represented by the folder \UserDrive in the system files of SB1. Consequence is you can't browse to other folders in the system file hierarchy.


                                          As SB1 runs Windows CE 6.0 core as its underlying OS, it is possible to turn SB1 as a traditional CE/WM device and to have ActiveSync/WMDC launched once connected to the host computer.


                                          So to do that, I would suggest to download Software Developer Toolbox v1.6 for SB1 on Motorola Solutions Support web site.


                                          You will find file \TSDxc60AenDT010601\MSP4.2_Supplement_for_SB1\SB1_Packages\Packages\ActiveSyncEnable.apf


                                          Using RDT Solo utility, push ActiveSyncEnable.apf into SB1.


                                          Once done, connect you SB1 to one USB port of your computer and ActiveSync/WMDC should start automatically.


                                          You will then be able to see folders such as \Windows, \Application, \Program Files\., \Userdrive and navigate in the system files of SB1.




                                          Khai-Van PHU

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                                              Nicolas Etienne

                                              Thanks Khai-van


                                              I've done what you say to do...


                                              Now, I put the files in the correct folder.


                                              But the Readme file says :


                                              This feature allows the device to be configured for a specific Time Zone. 

                                              The default time zone (out-of-box) is "GMT-8".  There are 4 components of the feature which simplify the configuration:

                                              -          SetDefaultTZ.reg – holds the desired Time Zone

                                              -          Cpy file – copies the exe and link files to the startup folder to run on boot.

                                              -          Exe – applies the time zone setting to the device

                                              -          Link – shortcut to the executable




                                              Follow the below steps to update the Time Zone.

                                              -          The Time Zone registry file setup change are simple. 

                                                         The entire list if provided in the registry file which lives in the 'SetTimeZone-Setup' folder. 

                                                  Carefully replace the default TimeZone with desired TimeZone in registry file and save the changes.

                                              o   Refer to 'SetDefaultTZ.reg' registry file to know about available set of TimeZone

                                              -          Copy all the contents from folder 'SetTimeZone-SetUp' to root of \UserDrive.  Contents include:

                                              o   Executable

                                              o   .cpy file

                                              o   .lnk file

                                              o   .reg file

                                              -          Cold boot the device for changes to take effect.  The TimeZone will be set to the new value.



                                              Now, the Time Zone is ok... but the SNTP no longer works and the SB1 displays a warning message at the reboot.


                                              If I reboot, I can see messagebox saying:


                                              RhoElements : Configuration is wrong ! Shell will load with default configuration (this message happened right after

                                              I push the asyncEnable.apf file...


                                              I guess I will forget this feature for a moment and will go back to it when I will really need it because it seems to be quite "unstable".. at this time..


                                              Too bad for me.. but I can't take any risks regarding deployment for my customer. We won't have the right timeZone automaticaly set, but, it's ok with me. I will set it through the setting panel.

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                                                  Siegmund Leducq

                                                  Hi guys,


                                                  I hope you'll forgive my butting in again but...

                                                  I can see how ActiveSync could be a way to change the default timezone in a couple of ways.

                                                  However, I develop software for the SB-1 intended for entire workforces; screwing and unscrewing a USB back on each and everyone of them just isn't an option.

                                                  Since the SB-1 is obviously able to merge registry files in the UserDrive folder (to set a time server, for instance), why can't this (be made to) work for the default time zone as well?

                                                  This brings me to something related: it seems those reg merges are temporary; as soon as I remove the reg file from the UserDrive root, my time server is gone too. Is that intended behaviour?


                                                  Kind regards & thanks to both Khai-Van & Nicolas for being the only ones to ever react on these fora (so far, and to posts I'm watching, that is...)



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                                                      Khai-Van Phu

                                                      Hi Siegmund,


                                                      Everytime a cold boot happens on SB1, system settings are lost.


                                                      This is true for other Symbol/Motorola hand held devices. One mean to recover settings such as Wi-Fi, IP etc... is thru export of Windows CE registry to .REG file to permanent storage  like \UserDrive, \Application.

                                                      Those .REG files in \Application or \UserDrive folder are processed and push back to Windows CE registry when a COLD BOOT is triggered. And if REG files are missing, saved settings are then lost.


                                                      In order to avoid screw/unscrew SB1 (1st generation) to put the developer back cover, I would recommand you to evaluate SOTI MobiControl or SOTI Pocket Controller Pro. Both are SB1 compatible. You can take wirelessly take control of SB1, transfer file, reboot, take screenshots...



                                                      Khai-Van PHU

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                                                        Daniel Silva

                                                        It looks like there is an error in the .cpy file. The SetTimeZoneById.cpy file is trying to copy the needed files from \application instead of \userdrive.  I think if you edit the file as below and try again, it should work (I just tried it here, and it did).


                                                        \Userdrive\SetTimeZoneById.lnk >\Windows\StartUp\SetTimeZoneById.lnk
                                                        \Userdrive\SetTimeZoneById.exe >



                                                        The way .cpy and .reg files work is that they will be processed at each cold boot.  A ce device loses it's registry and most of it's filesystem on cold boot, so this gives you a way to restore registry settings and files that you need to suvive a cold boot.  So you will want to leave the .cpy and .reg files there so that your timezone and other settings do not get lost the next time the device boots.


                                                        The \application folder and \userdrive folder are in flash memory, so they will not be lost on cold boot.  \windows and all the other folders are in ram.


                                                        Also note that if you are using Activesync, when you have the USB cable plugged in, it looks to the device like another network connection.  This can cause some unexpected things to happen, so if you are testing, be sure to have your USB cable disconnected.