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    GeoLocation.known_position always returns zero

    Graham Downs

      Hi, All


      I'm trying to get my application to record GPS coordinates on a schedule, and write them to a log file. Using the documentation found at this page, here's my code:


      In my AppApplication class:

      def on_activate_app

      GeoLocation.set_notification("/app/Settings/geo_callback", "", 3)



      In my SettingsController class:

      def geo_callback

      puts "geo_callback : #{@params}"



      Here's what's written in my log file (on an iPad Mini) every three seconds:


      Params: {"rho_callback"=>"1", "status"=>"ok", "available"=>"1", "known_position"=>"0", "latitude"=>"0.000000", "longitude"=>"0.000000", "accuracy"=>"0.000000"}


      As you can see, "known_position" is always 0, and "latitude" and "longitude" are both always "0.000000".


      While my app is running, I also opened the iPad Maps application, just to make sure GPS was working, and it immediately gave my exact position on the map (I was testing outdoors).


      I also decided to try and take and take "set_notification" and the "geo_callback" out of the equation, so I commented those out and put a button in my app that would call a controller method which queried GeoLocation.known_position and GeoLocation.latitude when clicked. No matter where I'm standing, both always return zero. :-(


      I've triple and quadruple checked at I've listed "- gps" under "capabilities" in my build.yml. ;-)


      Has anyone any ideas what the problem might be?