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    barcode scanner size

    gaby awad

      i am having a problem with the barcode scanner size on large screen phones (galaxy s5,s4,sony z3,note2...) and it is harder to scanIMG-20150130-WA0005.jpg

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          fen den

          I guess you were using Sony. I don't know which bar code scanner app you installed, did you try others? Shopsavvy is a good now, you can search if there's a version for android.

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            Mike Bennett



            We have encountered the same issue on the Galaxy S4 when using the standard barcode API.  We've discussed this with Zebra and they suggested raising a change request, which we have done.


            Until Zebra make a change, the only way round this issue is to use another API, but this is not a trivial task.  Did you try this and get anything working?





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              Joydeep Chakraborty

              Hi Gaby,


              In Rho we use third party SDK for bacode scanning in consumer android devices. I think  that version of third party software does not work well with larger screen devices.


              For your case, you can create a native extension where you can use any native android SDK for scanning which works with these larger screen devices. But as Mike suggested it is not a trivial task.


              You can raise a ticket in the Zendesk for the same and try to get this fixed via official Zebra support channel