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    getAllProperties in audiocapture return no encoder for iOs devices

    Thierry Leloup

      Hello everybody,


      I recently used getAllProperties in audiocapture extensions with Rhodes 5.0.25 and I am facing the following problem.


      When I call this method on an Android device, I get a string in the 'encoder' key value of the returned hash (I tried both hash synchronously returned by the method call and the one received in the callback) which corresponds to the Android audio encoder. So far, so good.


      But, when I run the same test on a iPhone and iPad, the 'encoder' key value is an empty string.


      The audio capture is working alright on both android and iOs devices but the encoder is just not known by advance for iOs.


      We workarounded this for iOs devices by systematically forcing the captured file extension to .wav for iOs only, but either I did not call the getAllProperties method correctly (I don't think so because it is working for Android) or the documentation is unclear not indicating the iOs encoder name isn't set when calling this method.


      And last, probably stupid question but what is the point of having a hash returned asynchrously in a callback function when the very same hash is synchronously returned by the method call ?


      Thanks for your help,