Enprise browser-ITS Mobile

Dear All,

I want  to use enterprise browser  for running RF transactions using Motorola MC9190R1, Windows mobile 6.1


I have downloaded the evaluation version . I have following queries


1- Which one is recommended for ITS Mobile  enterprise browser webkit/IE???

2- I have sap provided device include file . Sample code below. Is it supported by enterprise browser?? any config changes required??



<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------- -->

<!-- SYMBOL POCKET BROWSER, sample entries for model 3090 and 9090->

<!-- ----------------------------------------------------------- -->



<!-- setting best fitting text size for ITSmobile -->

<META HTTP-Equiv="TextSize" Content="smaller">



<!-- Only for Windows Mobile OS (operating system).  When using Windows CE,

     these meta tags are not required, because javascript in

     ITSMOBILE/99/SCRIPTS/ALL/MOBILE.JS can be interpreted by the Microsoft

     browser (higher JavaScript version). -->

<!-- key mapping F1 - F10 using ITSmobile javascript functions    -->

<!-- With this mapping the key buttons 0 to 9 will act as function keys   -->

<!-- F1 to F10. Use blue FUNC button to input numbers into edit fields    -->

<META HTTP-Equiv="OnKeydispatch0x3b" content="Javascript:setFKey('1');">

<META HTTP-Equiv="OnKeydispatch0x3c" content="Javascript:setFKey('2');">

<META HTTP-Equiv="OnKeydispatch0x3d" content="Javascript:setFKey('3');">