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    Barcode reading Issue

    tusar das

      Dear All,


      I am trying  to read  1D barcode thru Enterprise browser on Motorola MC 9190R1 device. I am running the sample barcode code  given in the Enterprise browser  homepage tutorial. I am able to read the barcode using MC 9190R1  barcode sample application


      Need help to understand what needs to be done.






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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Tusar,

          from your side I need to have a clear statement of what is the issue.


          1. Are you able to scan the barcode through Enterprise Browser?

          2. Do you know which Barcode typology the barcode is using (EAM13, CODE128, I2O5 ?)

          3. Which sample page are you using?


          without this data is nearly impossible to help you and we can only make suggestions...


          BTW A common issue is that I2OF5 is using minlength =14 and maxlength = 10 (to read only code with len 10 or 14 and nothing else).

          Supposing that you're using this tutorial: https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/docs/DOC-2584

          And that you're using I2OF5, you can try adding after the code EB.Barcode.enable(), the instructions:

          EB.Barcode.i2of5minLength = 1;

          EB.Barcode.i2of5maxLength = 50;


          Best regards


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              tusar das


              No , not able scan barcode thru enterprise browser

              Barcode typology -code128  1D

              We are trying same sample page mentioned by You.

              function loadEvent(){ 


                EB.Barcode.code128minLength = 1;

                EB.Barcode.code128maxLength = 50;

                              EB.Barcode.enable({allDecoders:true}, scanReceived); 



              I see  EB.Barcode.enable({allDecoders:true}, scanReceived);   not being executed executed as i do not see the test alert pop-up.




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              tusar das

              Hi Pietro,

              thanks barcode scanning is working.

              I have below queries on RFID

              1- What is the prerequisite for RFID to work on EB.?

              2- I installed evaluation version of EB , i do not see WTG_RFID_PLG.dll in the plug in folder, any reason for this??

              3- I down loaded Rho_Elements_RFID_Plugin_V1.0.0.3 and copied the WTG_RFID_PLG.dll into EB plug in folder and copied the RhoElements_RFID_Plugin_sampleApp in to EB installation directory , the sample main.html does not read RF tags.

              4-As part of the realease note RFID_RhoElements_Release_NotesV1.0.0.3, I dowenloaded and installed


              RhoElements version 2.1 service pack 1(part of the RhoMobile Suite v2.1 Service Pack 1) but still mail.html  RF read does not work.


              As I understand   EB  is higher version than Rho elements 2.1, why I need Rho for RFID to work.  As far as config Rho has same config as EB.

              Why WTG_RFID_PLG.dll is not available in plug in folder though plug in config  has entry .


              Wanted to know what is missing.


              appreciate your  guidance




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                  Pietro Francesco Maggi

                  Hi Tusar,

                  because RFID support is built by a different engineering group, the plugin developer for RhoElements v2.2SP1 is still the leading edge with support with the latest devices (MC3190-Z and MC9190-Z) and is the right add-on to EB to handle RFID devices.


                  If the plugin sample does not works neither on EB neither on REv2.1 then maybe the device is not configured correctly or faulty.

                  Which device are you using for the test?

                  Have you tried another sample app (usually there's one on our RFID devices in the /Application folder)?


                  If the sample app works and you cannot make EB or RE to work, you can try reaching out to our support with information on the device (Part Number and Serial Number) and the OEM Version of the operative system it's using. They should be able to further investigate this.



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                  Andrew Pengelly

                  In the earlier PocketBrowser 2.1 we used the CONFIG.XML file to "preload" the scanner.  So XML content was ....



                          <Preload value="Hourglass"/>

                          <Preload value="ScreenOrientation"/>

                          <Preload value="Scanner"/>

                          <Preload value="KeyCapture"/>

                          <Preload value="Signal"/>



                  Moving to EnterpriseBrowser we have found that all of these preloads appear to work EXCEPT the scanner preload.  This gets rejected.  I'm keen to know if anyone has found an equivalent to this as changing your application code is not an easy solution.