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    PNG format for Camera doesn't work on Android ?

    Vincent Lagneau

      Hi guys,


      I am working on the integration of the Camera in our app, and I ran into an issue concerning the picture format on Android.


      Using the 2.2.0 doc of the Camera API (Rhomobile | Camera API), I managed to take pictures with both front and main camera, using the options_hash given in the doc (Rhomobile | Camera API).


      But when I try to change the default format (which is jpg) to take a png picture, the camera continues to take pictures in jpg on my Android devices.

      It is not the case on my iOS device, when requested, the camera takes a picture in png.


      Did someone run into the same issue ?


      I wasn't able to find any online post relative to this issue or how to solve it.



      Here are some samples of code that I used to try to make it work without success (FYI both syntax are taken into account by the Camera API) :

      $parameters = { :camera_type => "main", :format => "png" }
      $parameters = { "camera_type" => "main", "format" => "png" }



      My environment is :

      Rhodes 5.0.25, ruby 2.1.5


      The devices used to test it are :

      Acer Liquid Z500 - Android 4.4.2

      Samsung Note 3 - Android 4.4.2

      Google Nexus 7 - Android 5.0.2


      Iphone 6 - iOS 8.1.3

      Iphone 4 - iOS 8.1.3