MobiControl Packages will not install on TC75


I build some easy deplyment packages which simply should install an apk file on the TC75.
Using MobiControl Version 12 it simply failed.
Comparing this to a TC70 device which does use the same parameter and the same SOTI group and server, everything worked perfect.
Is somebody able to do a replication test and let me know why this basic fiunction will not work ?

Submitted by Nicholas Davis on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Is this issue still being worked on? Currently working on a customer pilot (Con-way) kicking off in July with a 10000+ device roll-out.  

I'm currently using:
MobiControl v12.1.0.22487
MobiControl Agent v12.1.0.22425

Android Build:

Unable to install packages on device with error "error writing to file on device" via a package deployment rule.

Is there a workaround or fix scheduled for release?

Nick Davis

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Because there is still no working SOTI agent available, we should start think about workarounds.
Using the current agent, I would need to have a list what does work right now and what not, so I do not have to test everything.

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HI Horst,

you might want to update to 08 01 00 D3
but on KK writing to Storage  either intenal primary or external secondary is limited
could you use /data/tmp/  instead to put APK there and then run install command

also reveal the  post install commands you used in the package as well if /data/tmp/ fails as well
and or get ADB log of the failed installation.

RXlogger built in on 08 01 allows you to capture it quite easily.

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hello horst, 

what is the OSbuild in use on TC75

On which place / folder did you try to place the files on TC75 device ?

if you use INTERNAL STORAGE it might have problems with permissions
could you elaborate.

.also TC70 GA1 is using an 'interim' method in regards with how Storage is handled, and it will change towards how TC75 and other KK device will work.

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I use K-07-03-00-D3. 
I used internal storage, because the customer does not use SD Cards so far. 
Just tested external storage this does not work as well.
This is the screen shot from Package Studio, should be a very easy job...