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    User Accessible Flash Memory

    Sandra Mohsen

      i have  TC55 with 4.1.2 Android, 8 GB FLash Memory and 1 GB RAM.

      TC55 Non-GMS displays Flash Memory -->   4.59 GB Internal Storage and another 1 GB internal memory as per below image , But only the 1 GB Internal memory is accessible from the computer when connected via USB.


      Does this mean that 4.59 GB are not accessible for user and are available only for installed applications?

      is there any way to access the full memory (8 GB)?

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          Andreas Fauerbach



          The 4.59 GB Internal storage are storage partitions, which are only available to applications on the device.

          The 1GB Internal storage  is a storage area, that appears as a built in SD card and is accessible from a PC via USB (that's why Google usually calls this one "external" storage).


          The terminology is confusing, because "internal/external storage" sometimes refers to the physical location (internal = built in, external=sd card slot),

          but often is referred to the accessibility (internal = accessible for OS and apps only, external=accessible via USB).



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