How do you automatically import Fusion WiFi settings? (MC67NA, Windows Mobile)

I need to standardize the Fusion settings on over a thousand devices, so I'm trying to export the settings on one device which I can then copy to the others.


Specifically, I'm trying to import a file from wcconfiged.exe (aka. Config Editor or Wireless Configuration Editor) exported with only 'Fusion options' selected.

The file produced is a gpdexport file on the Application partition of the device.


I can mess up the fusion settings, then manually import this file via wcconfiged menu option and it restores them no problem fine, so the exported file's good.


However, if I cold-boot the device with the file in the Application partition (which is how gpdexport files are normally automatically imported) it comes up with the error message:


DwnldApp Error

Error during update: Cause: Package file not found, Function: PostDownload, Line: 2966, HR: 0x1, GetLastError: 183


And fails to install it.


I've tried various combinations of including the WiFi profiles or not, ticking the 'overwrite conflicting records' option and so on, and I get the same error for all of them.

Any gpdexport file containing the Fusion options will not automatically import via this route.


I have no problem automatically importing other gpdexport files that don't include Fusion options (eg. with the settings for individual networks) via this route, it's just not installing any files containing the Fusion options.


Does anyone know of a way to set the Fusion options automatically, either using the exported gpdexport file or via any other route?