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    The RPC server is unavailable with some devices on Windows 8

    Pierre Lotin


      I work on a Windows 8.1 x64 development machine and am having some problems on some devices,

      The problem is:

      I deploy a Smart Device Application with Visual Studio 2008, everything works. If I leave the mobile on its cradle, I can deploy again.

      But as soon as I remove the device from its cradle (it's more convenient to test the scanner for eg), the next time I want to deploy I always got the error "The RPC server is unavailable."

      The only solution I found is to restart Visual Studio 2008,

      I do not remember having similar problems on Windows Vista or Windows 7

      I don't have the issue with a Motorola MC9090 (CE) but got it with MC67 (WEH6.5P) and MC65 (WEH6.5P)