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    Xcode 6.2?

    Jon Tara

      Has anybody braved Xcode 6.2/iOS 8.2 yet?


      If you're playing-along, keep in mind that when you update Xcode from the OS X App Store, it will overwrite your 6.1.1.


      I just go ahead and update it, and then afterwards I download the previous version (now 6.1.1) from the developer portal and re-install.


      That becomes a permanently-installed legacy Xcode version. (App Store won't mess with it after reinstall from the portal download).


      OS X will get confused about XCode application icons until you log-out or reboot! It will drive you nuts thinking you are starting the wrong version!


      5.0.30 has been working well for me building for iOS 8.1 with Xcode 5.1.1.