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    Questions about Webkit used by a Rhodes application

    Thierry Leloup

      Hello everybody,


      I have several questions about the Webkit used by a Rhomobile application with free 5.0.30 version.


      • Is a Rhodes application really using the native webkit ?
        According our demonstrator application, here are the webkit versions returned by navigator.userAgent executed in the application :

      Rhosimulator on a MAC BookPro (Mac OS 10.10.2)


      iPhone6 (iOs 8.2)


      iPhone4S (iOs 8.2)


      iPad (iOs 8.2)


      Note 3 (Android 4.4)


      Acer Liquid Z500 (Android 4.4)


      Nexus 7 (Android 5.0)


      Windows 8.1


      I am asking the question because we observed Safari Webkit's version on my MAC BookPro is 600.3.18 although the one returned by the Rhosimulator executing our application is 537.21 ?! Does it mean the "native" Yosemite 10.10.2 webkit is way behind the Safari's one ?


      • What should be the advantage(s) to pay for Rhoelements and get the Motorola Webkit ?
        Several very interesting HTML5 new features are not available in the webkits used by our application as getUserMedia or speech recognition. If I understand well, by purchasing RhoElements, we should get the Motorola Webkit. The question is : does this webkit provide these HTML5 new features and is it only one Webkit version whatever the device (in our case Android, iOs and WIn32) ?


      • How difficult or is it just possible to force a Rhodes application to use another webkit ?


      Thanks for your help,


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          Robert Galvin

          Hi Theirry,


          For Android/iOS we use whatever webkit the native SDK is using with the WebView control. So this is related to the version of the native SDK that is installed.


          For RhoSimulator and big Windows - we are using QT Webkit (not sure what version it is)


          For Windows Mobile/CE we are using the Zebra (formerly Motorola) Webkit. With each release of Rho, we usually have updates to the webkit. I would expect it to not have the blazing new features that you mention. The intention of our webkit is to bring most common current webview to Windows Mobile/CE which have a very outdated IE webview.


          jrq768 - can you share more details on our Webkit and the version/fork we are using.

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              Darryn Campbell

              Moto Webkit is based on AppleWebKit/536 in the upcoming RMS 5.1 and was based on AppleWebKit/534 int he previous RMS 5.0.x releases. 


              I think the confusion here is partially over 'why have a Moto webkit' at all?  As Rob says, in RMS 4.0 and up it is only used on WM/CE devices so it is not intended to run across the full range of supported devices, rather it is intended to give HTML5 support on devices which previously did not have it.


              Hope that helps.  As a side note, since we're now Zebra we shouldn't really refer to our Webkit as 'Moto' but I've kept it consitent here.