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    How is it possible to contact Motorola/Zebra sales department ?

    Thierry Leloup

      Hello everybody,


      Sorry for this post but I am struggling since a couple of weeks trying to contact Motorola/Zebra sales department ?


      I'd like to have a possibility to test the Silver License add-ons in order to see if it could fir our needs. The problem is that I send several mails to the "official" mail address (sales@romobile.com and info@rhomobile.com.) that I found on the pricing page (Pricing - rhomobile.com Managed WordPress Site) and none of them are working.

      I have the following systematic error : "Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 Relay Access Denied - psmtp"


      I also tried to post a message on the Motorola French contact page (online form)http://www.motorolasolutions.com/fr_fr/contact-us-form.html but no answer after more than 2 weeks...


      Any idea on how to contact Motorola's representatives ?