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    Syncing RhoElement App with ActiveSync

    Guillermo James

      Dear All


      Is ti possible to sync a Rho App usign ActiveSync?. Our intention is to send data from the device to a server on the cloud. If it is possible, which protocol should be the safe and faster for data transfer (to the cloud)?





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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          For me ActiveSync is a very useful feature for using my PC's internet connection on a WM device to test things like connecting to my webservice running in the cloud or local LAN. Its called reverse tethering in Android world. I also used it in the past for syncing data through Rhoconnect, but that was for local LAN, not cloud, but I believe its possible for cloud too.


          Basically, I use ActiveSync just for getting network access, but I use AsyncHTTP or network API or Rhoconnect to actually sync. Others may have used ActiveSync as a 'syncing engine', but for me, I dont even use it to sync my phone address book!


          BTW, Ive also used ActiveSync for an 'always connected scenario' Rho app where I connect directly to SQL Server thru a ROR local webservice. Here, my app just provides the UI, but data is not stored in the device but in the enterprise backend.

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