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    Touch events not working on Windows8 touch device with Rhostudio 4.1

    Girish Sunkeri

      We are trying to run a Rhomobile application on Windows touch device(having 8.0 windows OS) but its not recognizing any touch events.


      We are using 

      -Rhostudio - 4.1.1

      -JQuery -1.9.1 

      -Bootstrap - 2.2.2 

      -QT - 5.1.4 


      Everything works fine on RhoSimulator but when we deploy it on Windows device, we are experiencing the following issues

      -Touch events doesn't work for the button clicks. 

      -Text fields are not focused when they are tapped. 

      -Unable to scroll the page either horizontally or vertically. 


      We also tried with default rho application which is created automatically. With this too touch events didn't work.