Android Studio java.lang.RuntimeException: stub



I am trying to get the EMDK up and running with Android Studio 1.1.0 on mac os x.


I've been following this guide:

Developing EMDK Apps With Android Studio 1.0.x


I managed to get the addon-symbol-emdk_v3.0_API-16 (and 19) folders out of the windows installers for ADT.


In Android Studio i include the com.symbol.emdk.jar in my libs folder.

I also tried it another way by using the EMDK sdk as target sdk: "Symbol Technologies, Inc.:EMDK 3.0 (API 16):16"


Both give the same result:

java.lang.RuntimeException: stub when i access a method from the EMDK.


On the MC40 that i am testing on, the EmdkOSUpdateApp_v3.0.4.apk installer was run. In the filebrowser i can see /system/framework/com.symbol.emdk.jar


Any ideas on how to get the EMDK working?