Motorola EMDK for .NET v2.9 - examples in C# for OMNI XT 15 WIN CE 6.0 with Imager SE4600 ?



Could you please provide to community some example, how to work and control imager on OMNII XT15 WIN CE 6.0 with SE4600 in c#. It should be based on EMDK v. 2.9...


Demos from C:\Users\Public\Motorola EMDK for .NET\v2.9\Samples VS2008\C# are not working properly. That examples cause me problems. I'm able to intialize imager, but then, when user presses trigger, the device just beep (it sounds like error beep) and no red light from imager is appered, ever.


Please help me to start with development for OMNII XT 15 WIN CE devices with imager SE4600.


Best regards