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    HTML <select size> problem

    Daniel Vanoost

      <select onChange="MenuGoto()" name="MENU" size="9" tabindex="2" onFocus="SetMenu()" onBlur="SetScan()" data-role="none" >

            <option value="1">1. Inventaris WS</option>

            <option value=2>2. Verplaatsing Ws</option>

             <option value=3>3. Scanning Flux</option>

            <option value=4>4. Prijsetiket</option>

             <option value=5>5. Scanning Transit</option>

             <option value=6>6. Receptie pallet</option>

             <!--<option value=13>8. Receptie Dacem</option>-->

             <option value=11>8. Verzenden combi</option>

              <!--<option value="12">6. Roterende inventaris</option>-->

                   <option value=99></option>

                   <option value=9>9. ->Français</option>




      Hi we have a problem with the display of  <select size>
      Symbol TC70

      Left as it must be right as it look on android



      I've already googled my problem but it seems that's linked to webkit.


      There is maybe a meta tag in enterprise browser that can fix this issue.

        • Re: HTML <select size> problem
          Robert Galvin

          Have you tried any control via CSS styles? There is nothing specific inside of Enterprise Browser that would effect the behavior. We get what we get with Webkit on Android. I think you may want to consider an alternative approach to display such a small list. Why use a sized SELECT control instead of just a ul/li list of stylized items? You can also use scrollable DIV section if you want to keep items contained in a specific area.