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    Problems applying license to Enterprise Browser runtime

    Andrew Pengelly

      My client is moving from MC3190's running Pocket Browser 2.x applications to the new MC3200 running Enterprise Browser.  We have installed Enterprise Browser Windows IE Persistent as this appears to offer full backwards compatibility with the older Pocket Browser.  So interested if I have made the right choice there.


      So that is the background and now my real problem starts when attempting to add the license key to the MC3200.  We have purchased licenses and wish to apply these so they are persistent across a reboot.  I have tried loading via .REG file and Enterprise Browser CONFIG.XML file but both methods do not appear to be recognised by Enterprise Browser as I keep getting the demo license prompt.  Are there any tricks to apply the license key?


      I am just using the default CONFIG.XML file.

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          Robert Galvin

          Hi Andrew


          This sounds like the other post you created, but you should log a support ticket so they can ensure they created the correct license file type and look into the account details.

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              Andrew Pengelly

              Yes, this post was made before I discovered the error message relating to company names.  For those interested there are several way to apply a license on your mobile computer -


              1. Manual scan of barcodes

              2. Registry settings via .REG file

              3. Config setting from CONGIG.XML file


              If you apply the license via options 2 or 3 there is no useful error message given and the LOG file is just as vague.  Only when you attempt to apply the license via the manual method do you get the error message I report in my other post about problems with the company name.  The solution was to reapply for the license using a shorter company name.  At time of writing there is no checking of the company name lenght when you try to register your license.