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    NPAPI Server Error in Rholog.txt -- App Crashing

    Bryn Cranswick

      Hey Guys,


      I'm having issues with my RhoMobile app where it randomly crashes at different points with no real traceable pattern.


      The rholog.txt returns "com.motorolasolutions.rhoelemnts.npapi.NPAPIServer$ServerThread run| Connection broken" after every redirect within the app.


      When the app crashes the last thing to appear in the log is:


      "RhodesAppJNI | nativeNotify"

      "RhodesApp | enter notifyReceiver"

      "calling onNetworkStatusChanged"


      When I run the app using native browser (opposed to motorola_browser in build.yml). The connection broken error doesn't show up at all.

      The Network Status Changed notification still shows up but doesn't seem to crash the app.


      Permanently using the native browser isn't an option - it stuffs up a lot of the stying and js/jquery


      I've been fiddling with the build.yml, rhoconfig.txt and Config.xml and may have messed something up.


      Please see the attached picture for the log containing the errors


      Thanks in advance


      P.S Question:

      If you want to make changes to the Config.xml. Do you have to individually make the change on every device your app is deployed to?

      Is there a way to push the Config.xml when the app is being built?