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    Turn Concierge To Portrait Mode

    Karin Romero



      We need to use the concierge in Portrait Mode so the customer's Online Web Store Site be displayed this way thought the native Concierge Browser.

      Already tried with the option "persist.demo.hdmirotation" to portrait but the display did not rotate.

      Is this a bug or there is other option any where to acomplish this?


      The Concierge version is:

      [ro.build.id]: []


      The Web Site to be displayed in the browser would not be modified.




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          Hi Karin,


          You can only change Android system properties in debug builds. I assume you are using a release build (starts with a 0 as opposed to 9 for Debug in Settings > About device > Build number). There is a Management service that has privileges to make such system changes that runs on the device and you need to provide it with a payload called MDZ (Management Data Zip) file that contains those settings. More info on Concierge management can be found here.


          You can apply the attached MDZs to switch between Portrait and the default Landscape modes. The MDZ can be applied by:

          - adb push <file.mdz> /sdcard/tmp/inbox

          - OR copying the MDZ file to the root of a USB drive (making sure there is only one MDZ file there), inserting into the device and applying it via Settings > About device > System update