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    SB1 - How To Run a Local App From Applications Screen?

    Khai-Van Phu

      Hello Launchpad's members,



      SB1's Applications Screen can run WEB or EXE local app.


      As example Demo-MWM and Demo-Scan are both HTML app and RD Client is a thick client EXE app (see Fig 1.).


      SB1's file /UserDrive/config/apps.json defines the authorized applications (see Fig. 2).



      Fig 1. Launcher



      Fig 2. Content of apps.json


        "name": "RD Client",

        "url": "rdClient"



        "name": "Demo-MWM",

        "url": "/Application/www/apps/DemoMWM/splash.html",

        "icon" : "",

        "canOverwriteBadge": true



        "name": "Demo-Scan",

        "url": "/Application/www/apps/PriceCheck/index.html",

        "icon": ""




      According to the syntax of apps.json I understand how Demo-Scan & Demo-MWM's URL are mapped in SB1's system files.

      For RD Client's URL it less obvious.

      How "url": "rdClient" knows how to call \Windows\RdClient.exe in order to execute RD Client program ?


      My goal is to mimic the same functionnality but for a custom loaded EXE.



      Khai-Van PHU

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          Daniel Silva

          While it is possible to run a native exe on the device, we do not support that for user apps.  This is intended to be a thin client device. The only supported way to write an app for the SB1 is to use HTML/CSS/Javascript using the provided SB1 and RhoElements APIs. 

          There is no EMDK support for theses devices, and if you wanted to use .Net, you would probably have a hard time getting compact framework to load (not enough room).  If you have a native app running, you would also have issues with the shell and scanner not working properly (if at all).  While there are a few limited purpose native executables on the device (for staging and device management), this is not intended to be a way for you to write apps for it.

          Is there something that you want to do that is not supported by the provided APIs?

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            Khai-Van Phu



            I was able to find out how to launch a non web app stored in the memory of SB1 from the Shell Launcher.

            To do so, I had to write the HTML code below.

            Once the program exits, I am get back properly to the Shell Launcher.


            Here is the code.


            <!!DOCTYPE html>



                   <meta charset="utf-8">

                   <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">


                   <script src="./js/asl.js"></script>




                        window.onload = function() {

                             var hProcess = generic.LaunchProcessNonBlocking('\\"Program Files"\\ScannerDemo\\ScannerDemo.exe', '');

                             var bRetVal = generic.WaitProcess(hProcess, 5);

                             if(bRetVal) {

                                  asl.exit(); }







            Khai-Van PHU