[MC65 DEX] COM port ?

I'm currently working on an MC65 with the specific DEX cable (REF: 25-127558-01R).

My problem is that I can't open the com port to send data. The normal port is "COM2:" but when I try to open this port it doesn't work and I get an "55" error code means:


55 (0x37)

The specified network resource or device is no longer available.

I made a loop to test each port, I just can open COM1: and COM6: but non of these ports work properly to send data. I can send data, but nothing come outside the cable.

Any idea about the correct com port name ?

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Olivier JOUET
The com port is "COM2:".My

The com port is "COM2:".

My cable was defective.

With a proper cable is working perfect.

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