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    Enterprise Browser preloads

    Andrew Pengelly

      When migrating from PocketBrowser 2.1 to Enterprise Browser we discover the PRELOAD "Scanner" did not migrate.  Does anyone know what the Enterprise Browser equivalent is?  Also does anyone have a definitive list of valid PRELOAD options?


      Here's our original PocketBrowser PRELOADs with comments when migrated to EnterpriseBrowser.



           <Preload value="Hourglass"/>                            ** Loaded OK

            <Preload value="SIP"/>                                         ** Loaded OK

           <Preload value="ScreenOrientation"/>             ** Loaded OK

            <Preload value="KeyCapture"/>                          ** Loaded OK

            <Preload value="Signal"/>                                    ** Loaded OK

            <Preload value="Scanner"/>                                *** DID NOT LOAD **