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    How to Update Android on ET1?

    Thomas Christlieb

      Hello Community,


      I have a ET1 Tablet with Android 2 and want to Update it to Android 4.

      How do I do it?


      I found some Documents Regarding that, but I have no StartUpdLdr.apk - and I also have no FullUpdatePackage.zip.

      I downloaded the actual Android Version from Motorola, the File is named ET1N0JenRU02702479.zip ans has around 200 MB.

      So, what should I do with it?


      Any help would be appreciated.





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          Daniel Silva

          You will need to do the Gingerbread to Jellybean update first.  Read the release notes for the below and the other zip file you downloaded for instructions. You also need to look at the installation requirements.  The GB to JB update can only be done on a particular version of the GB release, so you will have to do this in several steps.  I think you will need to get up to the RevD GB release if not already there, then do the GB to JB update, then you should be able to load the latest JB update on top of that.


          Here's the GB to JB update.  Read through the release notes here.


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              Thomas Christlieb

              Hello Dan,


              thanks a lot for your help.


              Unfortunately it does not seem possible to get this file without a service contract?

              I have a customer which wants to use his ET1 Tables for our HTML5 Software but can't, because Android 2 has a lot of problems with HTML5 and SVG.


              And now we are not able to help him because of motorolas policy.

              I can't remember having such Problems with the Intermec Support.