How To: DOCCAP ( like before on WM)

Hello All,

I would like to read barcode and capture the picture of the entire document  ( like before on MC67 with DOCCAP 2.0)


In the SimulScan Demo, we have a template " Default Doccap – Required Barcode "  but this template just read the barcode ( I don't see the photo on the screen of my TC75)


And in template builder I don't know How I can do it.

I can upload my document. Select Area where I have my Barcode. Then I tried to select entire document but It doesn't works!!


I am in trouble because I am working for T&L market and Customer and Partner ask me for this feature but I am not able to explain how to do it


Can we have a Tutorial or details?



I have joined a PDF and JPG


The PDF is a customer sample. On it you have 3 documents but we need to get One document with the barcode in the center

the JPG is the same document but I have cropped it just for show you the result of the pictures we must capture and store on the devices