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    Android gold build - cloning.

    Andrew Wood

      We have a large UK retailer that wants to put some MC40s and some TC55 into the field for a couple of months. Can anyone suggest the best way to scale a build to all of them? In other words, how can they create a model device to clone the rest from? Do we have any android tools that can help or are there any 3rd party things out there?

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          Hector Meza

          Andrew, since we have a secured device via Mx, the third party B/U AKA cloning tools may fall short.


          I am not sure what you are looking to install or set on the device but you may find that your needs would be met with our StageNow tool.  The tool has a lot of capabilities and has been working well for the POC's that I have been working on.  Keep in mind that the StageNow tool is localized and more of a pull so after the POC, the customer may want to look at an MDM (Soti, AW) for more push and pull.