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    Network Log on using EB

    Stephen Wichael

      To all:


      I am trying to demo EB at a customer.  I have created a config.xml using the customers home web page.  The hardware MC9200 CE.  When they launch EB they get 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.  We tried Pocket IE and we get the log on credentials and they are able to go to their home screen but of course they can not do anything because they have developed their web page using HTML 5.  Any help would be appreciated..



      Steve Wichael


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          Glenn Sayer



          first check and make sure your date/time on the device is correct.


          if that doesn't fix the issue the try the below setting in config.xml

          <VerifyPeerCertificate value="0"/> 

          This says to not validate the certificate.  If this works then you might want to do some searching on certificate use with EB.

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            Joydeep Chakraborty

            Hi Steve,

            We need some information about your authentication mechanism of your server.

            1.Are you using Basic/Digest authentication?

            2.What are the certificates you want to import? Client certificates or server certificates?

            3.How many certificates you want to import? Will it possible for you to attach those certificates?


            If you are using server certificates then you can use cafile attribute in config.xml and set the value to the path where your server certificate is kept in the device .


            <CaFile value="%INSTALLDIR%\server.pem"/>


            Enteprise browser only supports single  certificate file in pem format.If multiple certificates need to be passed to the Webkit browser(WM/CE), please add the contents of the .pem certificates to a single file using any standard text editor and then set the path of the updated local file to cafile in config.xml

            Hope ths helps.

            If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.




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