ET1 tethering via iPhone 6 not working

Has anyone connected an ET1 to the web via iPhone 6 tethering. I upgraded the firmware on the ET1 to the latest firmware and the unit get a valid IP Address but the unit does not access a web.

I can see the signal mark at the top but the unit fail to load a web page.

I tested with out application and with it's default web browser, but neither appears to connect.

I have tested the iPhone with different other Android devices and they get internet from the iPhone, however the tablet fail to do so.


Has anyone tried to tether the ET1 via wireless to an iPhone 6 ?


Sorry the error is with iPhone 6 tethering. We will get an iPhone 5 to check if the result is the same.



The iPhone 6 has provided tethering to several other devices without any problem. Among the devices that had worked correct are, GalaxyS5, Nexus7 and other manufacturer industrial android tablet. (which by the way is way cheaper than the ET1)