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    Cannot create an IPA file using rhodes 4.1




           I have a new Issue when i build an ipa file for IOS, i'm currently using rhodes 4.1 and rhoelement 4.1. after research i found that i need to upgrade my rhodes & rhoelement 4.1 to 5 to create the ipa file, anyone have an idea if we have a work arround to not upgrade our rhodes & rhoelement and create the ipa file using 4.1 ?


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          Jon Tara

          You can create an IPA with Rhodes 4.1, but not with Xcode 6 and not for iOS8.


          You need at least Rhodes 5.0.30 for XCode6/iOS8/64bit.


          Starting with Rhodes 5.0.2 there is SOME shaky support for Xcode6, but not 64-bit until 5.0.30. So, if you need to build for the App Store, you need at least 5.0.30.


          If you have to stay behind, you can install Xcode 5.1.1 and build for iOS7. Otherwise, it is not a difficult update from Rhodes 4.1 to Rhodes 5.0.38 (current version).


          5 vs 4 does not have big breaking changes. It was mainly a marketing/labeling change associated with the new licensing model. If you updated from 3.5 to 4, it is not nearly the same effort.