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    Recommended Method for Sending Commands to an Android Device

    Jon-Luke West

      We are trying to architect a way to remotely launch an application on an Android Device from a server within an intranet, and I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to accomplish this.


      The Android Device will already be talking to the server as a client, but, under certain circumstances, we will want to either launch an application or broadcast an intent on the device via command from the server.  Is there something in the native Android libraries or the EMDK or is this really only feasible by hosting an Apache web server on the Android Device itself?  If we must go the route of web server on the Android Device, does anyone have any recommendations on how to accomplish this?  The org.apache.http package was deprecated from the native Android libraries, and I am unsure exactly what package I should be investigating.  The java.net library looks promising.


      Thank you very much!