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    Enabling full_update for javascript models.

    Mohammed Aamir K

      I want to enable full_update for my javascript models.


      Below is the link to do the same in Ruby . http://docs.rhomobile.com/en/5.1.1/rhodes/rhom


      Since my models are in javascript i am trying to achieve it as below .




      Adding the attribute inside the model.


      Rho.ORM.addModel(function(model) {
            model.property('employeeName', 'string');
            model.property('employeeID', 'string');


      But it doesn't seem to work. In spite of adding the above attribute to the model it sends only the changed attributes. I am using Rho mobile version 5.1.1 if that helps.


      I have seen a workaround which appends characters (Re: enable :full_update is not working) , this workaround doesn't seem viable in my case since i have a huge JSON , and doing this doesn't seem practical.  If anybody could point me in the right direction regarding this it would be highly appreciated.


      - Mohammed Aamir K