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    MC65 Scripting the WWAN radio setup

    John Thurmes

      MC65s have that dual band cdma/gsm cell radio in them, in which you can go into the Phone Network setup utility and switch between cdma and gsm.  Are there any command line arguments to that utility?

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          Joshua Jacques

          To add to this, we utilize SymScript to handle most of the setup of the device, and the one part I'm struggling with is trying to set the device as cdma only and have Verizon selected as the preferred carrier.  I was hoping maybe there were some executables or "hidden" arguments that handle this without user intervention.

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              Michael Johnson

              We did something similar a few years back using SymScript to handle the cellular configuration.  Basically using keyboard keystrokes (tab, left/right, enter, etc.) to navigate and select the menu options.  As I recall there were a couple areas we did have trouble navigating via keyboard - the SymScript journal feature was great for generating a virtual mouse press. 


              Overall not very elegant, but seemed to do the trick...