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    Database Encryption with user define key

    Tsu Beng Tan

      Hi Team,


      We have a partner who wish to encrypt SQLite Database with their define Keys.
      May I know is this possible?
      If yes, any sample code or reference that we can refer to ?

      Based on this link: Rhomobile | Data Handling Using Rhom , the information just state that:

      Database Encryption

      As of Rhodes version 3.3.3, Rhom data encryption is removed from Rhodes. This feature is only supported in Zebra RhoMobile Suite. If you wish to use this feature, you will need to upgrade to RhoMobile Suite purchase a RhoElements license is required.



      If your application requires that the local database is encrypted on the filesystem, you can enable it by setting a flag in build.yml:

      encrypt_database: 1 
      Database encryption is not supported for applications that use bulk sync at this time.



      Appreciate your advice and guidance on this.
      Thank you!