Programmatically access data from SystemInfo.cpl

I'm developing an application to quickly test, identify and re-install the PDAs that are coming to us with problems.

We use MC55A0 terminals in our company (Around 800 of them) with WM6.5.


The thing is that I would like to incorporate in my application some of the data that is showing in SystemInfo Control Panel Applet.

It seems that this applet is developed by Symbol and I couldn't find any reference on how to get the needed data. Some of the data I can retrieve by other means/functions but, for example, I would like to get the info from the "HW Version" tab: "Monitor Ver", "OBM Ver", "Partition Ver", "Power Micro", etc.


I couldn't find any information about this info in EMDK 2.9 documentation...

Is there any way to achieve this programmatically? If yes, please let me know what namespace/class should I use or what DLL to invoke.