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    How to: TC55 JB GMS - Chrome v42 browser - Open URL in same tab

    Raymond Buil

      WHen using Chrome (v42) we are able to save an URL to the desktop


      When doing so and after selecting this shortcut, chrome always opens the page in the same tab. This is what we want, chrome to open the url (fullscreen) and in the same tab.


      To deploy this setting towards other devices (TC55 JB GMS version) I'm searching for the storage location / procedure on how to backup and restore this short cut.


      Please advise.




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          Derek Warren

          That might require a lot of hurdle jumping most solutions require having root access on a device to do this. You could do it with Mx (Emdk or StageNow) to put the files in the proper locations but you'd need to find the relevant files to reconfigure the home screen. Note: The Android emulator is rooted by default so you can explore the file structure there.


          Is there a reason they need to specifically use Chrome? Instead you could use something like Enterprise Browser (If you need APIs), Rho, or Phonegap to essentially create an application that is just a bookmark to the website they need. On Kit-Kat it will use the Chromium (same as Chrome) this way the page shouldn't change much if at all, but with Jelly Bean there might be noticeable differences depending on the webpage. With this method you can deploy the bookmark as a typical android application.