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    Build old rhoconnect-client Gem question

    Jon Tara

      I need to build an rhoconnect-client Gem, I think 4.0 or 4.1.


      There is a curious set of instructions:


      First you will need to set up paths to the Rhodes and Rhoconnect folders. To do this, copy 'config.yml.sample' to 'config.yml' and edit it with the path to your rhodes and rhoconnect workspaces.


      Really? Then how can this be included in RMS if it needs specific paths from your local system?


      Hmmm... I think I have an old RMS installer laying around that I can just extract this from.


      Also, can anyone comment in general on compatibility between rhoconnect-client from 4.0 onward? I see there have not been a lot of changes. Are there any backward-compatability issues? Or if I am working with some old Rhodes project, would it be safe to just use the latest rhoconnect-client?