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    Native Extensions Build Error

    Chris Child

      Hi All,


      I've created an extension for Win32 and I'm running into a build error that someone at Rho had originally helped me with when I was walking through the native extensions example. As far as I can tell I've setup my C++ class in the same manner as I was directed but I'm getting this error:


      src\Panasoniccamera_impl.cpp(55) : error C2259: 'rho::CPanasoniccameraSingleton' : cannot instantiate abstract class

              due to following members:

              'void rho::IPanasoniccameraSingleton::startCamera(rho::apiGenerator::CMethodResult &)' : is abstract

              c:\users\cchild\workspace\rho\ce\extensions\panasoniccamera\ext\shared\generated\cpp\IPanasoniccamera.h(39) : see declaration of 'rho::IPanasoniccameraSingleton::startCamera'

              'void rho::IPanasoniccameraSingleton::takePicture(const rho::String &,rho::apiGenerator::CMethodResult &)' : is abstract

              c:\users\cchild\workspace\rho\ce\extensions\panasoniccamera\ext\shared\generated\cpp\IPanasoniccamera.h(40) : see declaration of 'rho::IPanasoniccameraSingleton::takePicture'


      Attached is both the example class (Greeting_impl.cpp) plus generated header (IGreeting.h) I was sent and my class (Panasoniccamera_impl.cpp) with generated header (IPanasoniccamera.h). The big differences are that I have created some helper methods for the 2 methods above and I'm not sure if they also need to be defined in the Panasoniccamera.xml file so the stubs are generated or if I have just incorrectly setup startCamera and takePicture.