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    MC40 Rho 4.1.0 Barcode issue.

    Remco van 't Land

      Dear guru's,


      We've been experiencing a problem with MC40's. We launch a web application and then mainly use Rho to capture barcode scanner data.


      We currently have a Rho.Barcode.enable({}, ScanReceived); on every page that gets called during the loading of the page itself. If we have the page refresh every 30 seconds, the app crashes back to the app screen after about 2,5 hours and can't be started again (it locks on the splash screen). You have to force stop the app and then you can start anew. The only thing I let the app do was refreshing, not a single barcode was actually captured.

      If I comment out the line, the page keeps refreshing without any issues.


      I also noticed that if I enable the scanner once, it remains enabled through different pages. This made me wonder; do I have to enabled it each page or is there a way to just tell Rho which callback function to use? If there is, that might solve my problem for now.


      Hopefully you guys have any suggestions - any help is very much appreciated!