How to control beep programmatically for Symbol MC9190 barcode scanner

Hi, I am developing an application for Symbol M9190 barcode scanner in VB.NET.


I am almost finished with the application, and now all I need is to control duration of the beep (or number of beeps) based on barcode symbology. Say, it will make one kind of beep for 1D barcode, and another for 2D.


I created a beeper object:

      Dim NotificationDevices As Symbol.Notification.Device() = Symbol.Notification.Device.AvailableDevices()

      For Each NotificationDevice As Symbol.Notification.Device In NotificationDevices

          If NotificationDevice.ObjectType = Symbol.Notification.NotifyType.BEEPER Then

              myBeeper = New Symbol.Notification.Beeper(NotificationDevice)

              Exit For

          End If



And I am trying to control the beeper like this:

     myBeeper.Duration = 1000

There are two problems.


First, assigning properties to myBeeper object does not seem to affect the actual sound that comes out.


Second, the scanner emits the sound before it raises the myReader_ReadNotify event, and so by the time I evaluate the encoding, the scanner has already beeped.


I could, possibly, mute the default beep, and force the scanner to emit the sound after I evaluate the data, but I do not see a beep event (or any other event) in the myBeeper object, and so I do not know how to force the scanner to emit the sound. But again, I do not know how to mute the beeper, and I do not know how to force the sound, so I am stuck.


Could you help me out please.

Thank you.