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    Failed to debug in rhoSimulator,

    MengChang Xiao

      Platform: Android

      simulator: rhoSimulator

      success to create the APK to debug,and show the first page in the simulator.


      but when I click on the link address,there's  no action,in the web inspector error showed:


      I try to reinstall,error raised still,pre-pic is the new result.

      As showed in next pic,there is socket created indeed,but no further info,what 's wrong?


      Just study,no clear map in my brain,thanks for any guide.

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          Jon Tara

          It looks to me like you just are missing some files. You can see from the first image that your browser inspector loaded index.erb.


          Are you sure you aren't missing public/jqmobile/images/icons-18-white.png?


          FYI: I would advise,though, in any case if you are going to use jQuery Mobile, update from the ancient version supplied with Rhodes to the current 1.4.5. You will have to give up using jqmobile-patch.js then, but I don't find it does anything useful for me anyway.


          JQM 1.4 (current is 1.4.5) has MUCH better performance than 1.3 supplied with JQM. But it was a major incompatible change, and so if you are starting a new project, best to start with 1.4.5, because it is a difficult upgrade, and you would have to re-write a lot of your JS and CSS.


          IMO, though, there are better choices than JQM. I think JQM is a dying UI platform. You'll find a number of posts here on alternatives.


          I do use it on a project that is several years old and I'm afraid stuck on it, and an even-older version (1.2) but it has been modernized by doing a lot of the things where performance matters without using JQM widgets. Just simple, modern CSS. You can write your own high-performance list, for example, with flex-box CSS, and it will be perhaps a 10X improvement over a JQM 1.3 listview. (1.4 is better.)


          I also use JQM 1.4.5 on a little toy Rhodes project I work on when I have the time (an app involving Karaoke). But, again, I use the widgets as little as possible, so that it will be easy to move to something else if I decide on something I like better.


          A lot of people here use Bootstrap. But it doesn't have pretty page transitions. So, I use 1.4.5 for pretty page transitions and fixed header/footer, and little else.

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              MengChang Xiao

              I have checked the system,the files not missed:



              but I'm not sure if the mapped path is this real path.

              I think it is system configuration problem,maybe I installed wrong pkg,or not configured in the right way.


              There's any doc to explain the whole patform structure?

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              MengChang Xiao

              Last night,I tried again,it works well.

              I don't know which action triggered it .

              Anyway,study first.

              Thanks for your help.