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    Unable to pass query parameters in Rhoconnect update , create and delete methods

    Mohammed Aamir K

      Hi ,


      I am passing parameters from my rho mobile application to rhoconnect server in the following manner:







      When sync is performed this data is accessed in my rhoconnect server model in the query method as shown below :


      console.log("Query Response params LanId -----------" , resp.params.param1);
      console.log("Query Response params UN -----------" , resp.params.param2);
      console.log("Query Response params pwd -----------" , resp.params.param3);



      This works fine only in the query method.

      However when data is changed in either by updating the model or delete data in the model and a sync is performed, query parameters are not accessible in my update and delete methods of rhoconnect server respectively.


      Rhoconnect log :


      param1 ----------- undefined

      param2 ----------- undefined

      param3 ----------- undefined


      Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.