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    SimulScan default templates

    Ben Wahlquist

      Can we get copies of the default XML templates found in the SimulScan Demo app so they can be modified using the online template editor?  Thanks!


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          David Koch

          Hi Ben,

          Default templates can be copied from the device itself, you can find them here: /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/templates


          In the next version of EMDK there will be an API that allows a calling application to copy the latest default templates to an application specified directory, this should make access to these templates much more convenient.


          Unfortunately you will not be able to modify the default templates using template builder, these templates were custom made outside of template builder to cater towards specific use cases.


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            Billie Hecox

            Ben, A Simulscan programmers guide has also been added to Launchpad and can be found here. At the bottom of the guide is a note about the programmatically copying the default templates. Your app would need to get an instance of the SimulscanManager (which sets up some permissions), then use standard java file API's to copy the templates where you want them.